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Since 1989, R. Brian Caldwell’s music has enhanced thousands of lives around the world. Lovetones Music, LLC invites you to listen to our unique catalog of his exquisite, life-affirming titles on CD.

Browse the titles and listen to a sample of each album below. Just click on any cover to start downloading an MP3 music clip. Use stereo headphones for a most wondrous experience.

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“Immensely pleasurable.”
Resonance  Journal

“A breathtaking experience!”
Effective Learning Systems

“Exemplifies the state-of-the-art search for the divine”
Yoga Journal

“One of the most pleasurable experiences I know. Get a copy and hear the future.”

Inspiration Point -Click to Listen!

“I just love your world of harmonies. You see, this is what I've been looking for during the years. You made me float away, drift into another universe and to return filled with new experience of  everything that has been beyond my reach, until now!”
Monika G., Sweden

“I feel as though I  am literally in Heaven.”
Paulette J., Ohio

“The sounds are so very  soothing, it really feels good. Once school starts, the music will be most  important.”
Stephanie M.,  Arizona

Harmonic Planet -Click to Listen!

“I feel that your music is truly inspired by and through Divinity’s grace.”
Brian O.,  Hawaii

“I’m happy for the first time in 10 years. This  music makes me see the world in a whole new light.”
G. Mason, Florida

“Absolutely impossible to describe! The depth and inspiring music was honey to my ears. I’m so, so, so very thankful that you made the music possible. I’m 15 years old, and you have  just made my life much richer and filled with days of bliss :) thank you  thank you thank you thank you thank you !!!!!
Joanne L., Ohio

Creativity Generator ULTRA -Click to Listen!

“Thank you so much for your beautiful work”
Stephanie  J., California

“I am  a hypnotherapist. I listened tonight for the first time, and the experience was amazing!
Lorrie H., New York

“I have had lots of stress in my life and for the first time, while listening to the CD felt so happy. I am going to order more of your CDs and give them to my friends. They are amazing! Thank you.”
Maria, California

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